Free: Syncing Life with your Cycle Webinar

Are you having issues with your menstrual cycle like fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, uncontrollable emotions, PMS, long or short bleeding times, or fertility issues?

Are you questioning whether or not birth control is the best option for you and your health?

Is everything flowing but you’d love to actually learn about how your body and cycle works so you can work with it instead of against it?

This is one of the most sensitive subjects for a woman AND one of the most important.

Most women have not been given much information or education about their own bodies or menstrual cycles. The information we do have and the medical care we have access to when something is wrong is missing a huge piece of how a woman’s body works.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you about the practice of living in your creative rhythm and syncing life with your cycle and not the other way around, and so as I gear up to teach the Menstrual Mapping Summer Study Courses in Lafayette, CO and online, I want to give you an easy way to hear more from me and ask questions.

I’m teaching a free webinar on May 25th at 6:30pm MST and I’d love to have you. (that's 5:30pm PST, 7:30pm CST, and 8:30pm EST)

I'll share with you:

* An overview of the 5 phases of your menstrual cycle from a feminine and shamanic perspective

* Fun and Amazing facts about your cycle, your body, and the cycles of nature that you never knew

* How to begin to use your cycle as a living guide you can follow and sync with

* How to go on a journey of becoming pregnant, or avoiding pregnancy in a relaxed and empowered way

* Why your period is your creative guide and teacher for sustainable living and business

* Why having this knowledge base will help you heal major issues with your cycle and body

Come whether or not you want to take the full class, and especially come if you’re thinking about it but not sure if the class works for you. ( like you might already be pregnant and will this class help or you’re almost into menopause and will this class be helpful, or I’m on birth control so can this still help me, or my summer schedule is crazy can I still do this etc)

Most women have not been given much information or education about their own bodies or menstrual cycles and if you have I bet you the way I teach this information will resonate on a much deeper level with your feminine spirit. The way that western medicine views and treats the body is not quite in rhythm with how a woman’s body even works.

If you are having:

  • Menstrual and reproductive Health issues that cause your cycle to be irregular, painful, and intolerable
  • The desire to conceive a child (even if you don’t have the man yet)
  • Questions about being on birth control and hormone therapy
  • Anxiety, Depression, and tension that overwhelms you especially around your bleeding time
  • Grief from a breakup, loss, or other trauma
  • Trouble transitioning through a challenging phase of your life.
  • A hard time accessing your creativity and sensuality
  • Difficulty sustaining your energy, adrenal fatigue, exhaustion
  • A challenging time sustaining a healthy love relationship

And this is just a small list….

See you there!


Your Instructor

Lauren Sheehan
Lauren Sheehan

"Lauren Sheehan is a beautiful example of a woman in tune with herself, and with the cycles that flow through life. I highly recommend her service as an expert in the ways of the feminine. Trust and surrender to her wisdom."

-Stacey Jean Smith

The work Lauren stewards, which she calls “The Feminine Rhythm”, is a call to women to remember how to honor, care for, and respect the beauty of their female bodies, souls and natural cycles. Her passion is to inspire women to make lives that mean something to them and remember the deep art of slowness, presence, care and nurturing that come from the feminine spirit.

Her work helps women who want to heal from shame, wounding, trauma to her feminine creative center and find sustainable self acceptance, the ability to love and be loved by others, experience pleasure, orgasm, healthy sexuality, confidence and to clearly communicate her needs, desires, and boundaries to those around her. (Female Creative Center Wounds include: Grief from failed relationships, loss, death, birth trauma, eating disorders, infertility, lost feminine organs, sexual trauma, menstrual disorders, adrenal fatigue etc)

She’ll teach you sustainable practices to awaken your sensuality, your creativity, and to couragously slow down and honor your body as sacred.

She’ll help you navigate your way back to natural kindness towards yourself, wisdom in living in sync with your cycles, and cultivating healthy loving partnerships.

By cultivating a tangible love for self, trusting our own bodies, and healing patterns and wounds that leave us untrusting, over giving, shut down, bitter, exhausted and resentful, women can learn to let their bodies be the spiritual guide they are meant to be and experience their natural joy, creativity, and generosity.

She mentors a small number of women privately, holds seasonal retreats and teaches classes on the menstrual cycle and understanding the femaie landscape and energy system.

She has been teaching and studying this work for 10 years and continues to live it in her daily life growing a family and learning to love and be loved in Colorado.

You can find her and her free 5 day audio course on feminine presence at

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