First Homework- Your Relationship to what is held in your Womb

"Spirit does not inhabit places where it is not honored"- Tami Lynn Kent, Wild Feminine

#1: Acquire a Journal dedicated for this study

**** sit with your womb and ask yourself what sort of journal you REALLY desire. Don't just go getting something easy or simple just to have something. We are making sacred space, this means that intention and beauty go

into it. What is beautiful for you? What sparks joy?

#2- Make a map of your womb-

Draw your womb-space and pelvic bowl ( in any way), and begin to place inside it what you hold, losses, hopes, dreams, grief, joys etc. Everything.

You do NOT need to share this with anyone, unless you really want to.

Part of making a container for your own sacredness is knowing when to share, what to share, and when/what not to share and to simple keep sacred for you and the divine.

see you soon :)