The Rhythm of the Mother

"So All life and happiness is born from a womb of life's grief. Understanding this will make it so you can grieve and your grief will also go to the great life-birthing ocean"- Martin Prechtel

In order to begin, we must know the beginning.

If we are study our own rhythm, we must understand what rhythm means to us and why it is important.

We must understand where rhythm comes from.

Where it begins.

In this chapter of Martin Prechtel’s book, The Smell of Rain on Dust, you wil journey back into the lifetime of you as an unborn baby in your mother’s womb and you will begin to remember what rhythm means.

Rhythm, Grief, Honor, and Gratitude. These are the fuels with which the womb thrives. These are the life givers. The womb is the clay pot which holds space for it all to happen.

To hold joy in the womb is to hold everything all at once. It is a supreme mixture of sorrow, hope, desire, longing, acceptance, happiness, sadness, loss, exuberance, and all emotion at once.

To hold joy in the womb is to know intimately what you grieve and what your ancestors have not grieved.

It is the stuff that your desires are made of.

It is the way shower to what you love.

To understand your rhythm you must go back to understand where the rhythm begins…